Automation Actions


What are Actions? Actions are sets of instructions performed upon Task execution. While automatic Action execution requires association with a Trigger (such as Task Scheduler, Folder Watcher, User logon, System start-up, etc.), it is also possible to run Action manually. Events occur when using Automation Workshop. These events are triggered both by graphical user interface and automatic Task execution.

To add Actions to your Automated Task, click Add Action button in Actions tab. It can be accessed either from Task Wizard or Task properties. Choose from a list of available Actions, and confirm selection to open configuration window.

Actions are categorized accordingly to their respective functions:

Logic Actions category contains Actions to automatically manage workflows such as conditionals, flows and loops as well as tools for processing text and creating variables · Action flow explained.


Workshop section features specific Actions that provide advanced automation options for enabling and disabling Tasks and writing data directly in the Service log.

Actions are the core components that do the actual work. Triggers, on the other hand, are the components responsible for automatic start of the Task when the specified criteria are met. Variety of Triggers can monitor files, watch folders, run on simple and complex schedules, monitor user logon and logoff, detect Windows or Automation Workshop being started or shut down as well as feature other advanced monitoring capacities.

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