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List remote files · Overview

List remote files

Automation Workshop includes List remote files Action, a comprehensive tool for creating filtered and preformatted lists of files and directories on a remote server. Created file and folder lists are very useful for batch processing of many files and folders in the following Actions.

Features & highlights

  • Create simple or advanced list of files and folders in a directory on a remote server.
  • Filter file list based on file name or file type.
  • Sort file list based on file names, extensions, path, size or modified date.
  • Exclude files that are smaller or bigger than certain limits.
  • Include files that are modified on a specific date range, e.g. before some date, after some date or between two dates.
  • Filter files based on owner, group or permissions.
  • Add a prefix or suffix to filenames to create lists that are easy to use with batch files, scripts or documents.


  • Files · list all or specific files in a remote server directory.
  • Sort · sort file list by file name, type, path, size or other criteria.
  • Size · exclude files that are smaller or larger than a certain limit.
  • Exclude · include and exclude files based on their date and time.
  • Permissions · include and exclude files based on their permissions.
  • Advanced · add prefixes and suffixes to filenames in the list.
  • Options · choose to list files or folders and whether to process subfolders.



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