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Wait for App

Automation Workshop includes the Wait for App Action that as part of an automated workflow waits for an application or background process for its status changes from running to not running and vice versa.

Wait for App Action pauses execution of your workflow until the specified status condition is met. The workflow is resumed automatically depending on the specified waiting condition.

Features & highlights

  • Enables proper dependency management in your automated tasks. If the workflow depends on the output or completion of a specific app, the Wait for App Action waits for it to finish before proceeding to the next step in the workflow.
  • Allows you to manage computer resources. Waiting for an application to start or stop running can prevent overloading the system and causing performance issues.

Usage examples

  • If multiple programs or tasks in a workflow need to interact with each other, waiting for a program to be running or not running can ensure proper workflow synchronization.
  • If an application in a workflow encounters an error or fails to start, waiting for it to be running (with a timeout) helps in error handling or recovery procedures to be implemented.
  • A workflow that backups data to the cloud can wait for a program to be not running to ensure that the backup can be performed without disrupting the normal operation of the program.


  • Wait · Select an application or background process and its desired status.
  • Options · Choose the monitoring priority and timeout behavior.



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