List files Action

The List files Action retrieves a list of files or folders and stores it into a dynamic value (variable) which can be used by Variable Wizard to specify parameters of some other Action. List files Action does not perform any operations with files or folders other than matching their names, extensions, sizes and attributes with its settings. When the list is retrieved, it can be used in all parameter fields that support Variable Wizard dynamic value input. The List files Action features multiple list formats, list entry values, filtering and sorting options that altogether support value tailoring for most automation needs without additional modifications of the file list data.

Variable Wizard - List files Action

When an Action is preceded by the List files Action, Variable Wizard can automatically provide the following values:

List of filesReturns the list of files in the format specified in List files Action.
Number of filesReturns the numeric value which indicates how many files and folders have matched the specification provided in the List file Action.
Action completion statusReturns whether the List file Action has succeeded or failed to list files in specified folder.

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