Overview of Task properties

What are Tasks? Tasks are basic units that grant core functionality of Automation Workshop. Tasks generally include Triggers (activation conditions), Actions (performed operations) as well as monitoring, logging and reporting options.

Task properties

Task propertiesDescription
GeneralDisplays Task file location, creation date and various usage statistics.
TaskAllows enabling / disabling Task as well as giving it a name and viewing / modifying description.
TriggersAdd, remove or configure Task activation Triggers.
ActionsAdd, remove or configure Task Actions (operations to be performed).
On ErrorConfigure further actions (such as email reporting, running another Task or disabling the Task) to be taken if Tasks fails to complete successfully.
On SuccessConfigure actions like email reporting, running another Task, etc., that will be performed upon successful task completion.
LogChoose appropriate level of logging and, optionally, provide particular Task with separate log file.
SettingsSpecify Task's multiple instance handling, default working folder and maximum execution time.
Run AsSpecify user account whose access rights will be used upon executing the Task. Separate user accounts can be specified for cases when user is or is not currently logged into the system.
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