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If Service

Automation Workshop includes the If Service Action that enables you to run a part of automated workflows only when a certain Windows service status is met. For example, it is possible to execute one set of Actions when a service is running, and another—when not.

Similarly, the If Service Action supports the status checking for Kernel and Filesystem drivers, thus allowing you to create conditional workflows based on the statuses of drivers.

Features & highlights

  • Improve reliability of your workflows. Use If Service to ensure that automated workflows are executed only when the required services or drivers are in the desired state.
  • If Service Action extends the Service Monitor Trigger by allowing an automated workflow to perform additional checks on multiple services or drivers.
  • Streamline your automated tasks with the If Service Action, that seamlessly integrates with other Automation Workshop Actions, such as sending emails and managing files, making it easier to create comprehensive, end-to-end automated processes.

Usage examples

  • Send an email alert to the IT team when a business critical workflow encounters a service that has stopped unexpectedly.
  • Launch specific Actions when a particular driver is installed, ensuring smooth deployment of automated Tasks on hundreds of remote computers or servers.
  • A workflow can initiate a backup process only when a cloud service is running, ensuring that the backup is not interrupted by service downtime or errors.


  • Compare · Select a service and a condition to check.
  • Options · Set the Action state and custom display name, define automated error workarounds, and enable an option to log only critical errors.



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