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Specify the text string which the Find Text Action will process while searching for specified text. By using Variable Wizard it is possible to look for any kind of text, data or dynamic values in text strings, files or other data.

To enter multi-line text in any field use the Variable Wizard. It is also possible to use a file as any input value—simply use the file content directly.

Text string Specify the text string, file content or dynamic value in which the Action will search for text specified in the Find what field.
Find what Specify the text dynamic value that the Find Text Action will try to find within the specified text string. Multiline text values can be entered using the Variable Wizard. Supports Regular Expressions (regex) syntax.
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse dynamic data input—substitute a parameter from a file, web, connected Trigger, other Actions, date and time presets, etc.


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the Find Text. Access the first found item and its position, and the list of all found items along with their count and positions if multiple text fragments are found. Additionally, the original text is available as a variable. The completion status events of the text searching operation are displayed in the Log Pane.

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