Overview of System startup / shutdown Trigger

Automation Workshop includes System startup / shutdown Trigger, that executes the Task upon start or exit of Microsoft Windows. Also, it can trigger on Automation Workshop manager or service activity. A single trigger can be configured to process one event - either start or shutdown.

Features & highlights:
  • Performs quick final operations when Windows shutdown is requested.
  • Runs Tasks or external applications upon Windows startup.
  • Executes Tasks when Automation Workshop service or manager is started or stopped.
Usage examples:
  • Perform resource intensive data preparation upon system startup for later instant retrieval by other Tasks.
  • Disable Tasks right after shutdown request and enable them after system has fully initialized.
  • Save date and time of Windows shutdown into text file for later retrieval.
  • Notify system administrator by email right before the system has shutdown.
  • Clear temporary files on system startup.

System startup / shutdown

Trigger propertiesDescription
SystemSpecify the startup or shutdown of which process will activate the Trigger.
OptionsEnable or disable the System Startup / Shutdown Trigger and specify the delay between Trigger activation and Task execution.
Notes and resources:
System startup / shutdown
System Startup / Shutdown
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