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Start & Stop Service

Automation Workshop includes the Start & Stop Service Action that can start, stop, pause, resume, or restart Windows services in an unattended mode. Streamline and reduce human errors by creating fully automated workflows that manage database, CRM, and custom services using a no-code tool.

Besides Windows services, Automation Workshop can also manage Kernel and filesystem drivers. Drivers can be managed using the same user-friendly UI.

Features & highlights

  • Increase reliability, stability, and auditability by automating service management.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency by automating service related repetitive tasks—automatically start, stop, or restart services based on certain conditions or Triggers.
  • Boost uptime and availability while reducing maintenance expenses through automation of service management.
  • Automation Workshop features all the necessary Actions (including service management) to automate enhanced disaster recovery.
YouTube video · Windows service automation

Usage examples

  • Monitor a service and start it automatically as soon as it becomes stopped (for instance, a database service after a crash).
  • Automate stopping a service on a predefined schedule (for example on off-hours). Restart a Windows service on a recurring basis.
  • Automate the process of starting and stopping services during maintenance windows. Pause a custom service during backups, and automatically resume it when the backup is completed.
  • Automate the restarting of a CRM, ERP, or custom service after a software update.


  • Service · Select a service and its management activity.
  • Options · Choose to wait for the status changes and set up timeouts.



Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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