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Start & Stop Service Events

All Events of the Start & Stop Service Action are sorted by their type—information, warning, and error messages. Reported Event messages in real automation scenarios usually are complemented by additional information on its cause.

Start & Stop Service

Automation Workshop includes the Start & Stop Service Action that supports the following Windows service management activities—start, stop, restart, pause and resume service. Additionally, it supports service dependencies and drivers (kernel / filesystem).

Info Events

  • 400000 · Action is starting Service.
  • 400001 · Detected that Service is already started.
  • 400002 · Started Service.
  • 400003 · Service operation timeout reached.

Error Events

  • 400400 · Failed on Service.
  • 400401 · Service activity stopped this Task.
YouTube video · Windows service automation


Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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