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FTP Watcher

Automation Workshop includes the FTP Watcher which allows you to monitor file changes in a directory on an FTP server. It looks for the following events: a file or folder is created, a file is modified, or deleted. FTP Watcher also can look for files that reach a certain file size, or for a directory to reach a certain number of files · See FTP automation highlights.

As for every Trigger of Automation Workshop, it is possible to adjust a polling interval and triggering delays, to align it with business requirements. Extensive logging capabilities allows recording an audit trail for all events that happen on the remote server. File mask filter allows monitoring for selected file types or files with specific naming patterns.

YouTube video · Monitor an FTP server & send file via email

The FTP Watcher supports all security methods—the Implicit FTPS is supported in the connection parameters as Implicit FTPS, and the Explicit FTP or FTPES method which is known as Explicit FTPS.

Both methods are commonly referred to as FTP-SSL. It uses TLS/SSL encryption standards that are usually hosted on Windows IIS Server. To monitor files on Linux servers, that usually implements SFTP protocol (FTP secured by SSH encryption), use SFTP Watcher Trigger.

Features & highlights

  • The automatic reconnect feature that ensures reliable data transfer even on slow and unreliable networks.
  • Watch files for changes on a remote FTP or FTPS server.
  • Monitor when new files are created, or existing files are deleted.
  • Scan and fire a Task when a file gets modified on FTP server.
  • Automatically detect when the total number of files in a directory reaches a certain count.
  • Fire a Task when selected files reach or exceed defined size.
  • Supports implicit FTPS and explicit FTPS for encrypted connection.
  • Supports SSL or TLS encrypted connections using the FTP-SSL feature. Use a regular plain FTP connection when no security is needed (for example, on LAN).
  • Both passive and active FTP modes are available in the connection settings.
  • For additional security, it is possible to authenticate using client certificates.
  • Watch for any file type, for example, PDF, JPG, DOCX, or XML.

Usage examples

  • Watch an FTP server on IIS, using a local File & Folder Watcher Trigger, or a remote FTP server using FTP File Watcher, and execute Actions on the monitored file.
  • Monitor a remote Linux or Windows FTP server from any Windows based machine, and send email as soon as changes are detected on the FTP server.
  • FTP Watcher Trigger automatically monitors a folder on FTPS server for files larger than 2 GB, and sends out emails to users based on the names of their folders, about the exceeded disk usage quota.
  • Invoices in the PDF format are being gathered on the e-commerce server for clients. FTP Watcher monitors the FTPS server for new invoices, and as soon as they appear, downloads them, and sends them using email to accounting department · View quick tutorial


  • Directory · Watch a remote FTP server for changes in files and directories.
  • Conditions · Select what kind of changes to watch for—new, new and existing, deleted, or modified files. Additionally, watch for large files or the number of files in a directory.
  • Options · Set how often the FTP Watcher will check files or folders in a remote FTP server.




Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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