Overview of Find text Action

Automation Workshop includes Find text Action that can search for a specific text or context-specific values in a given text string or file and return multiple matches for use in other Actions. Support of Regular Expressions (regex) adds another layer of versatility for process automation.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically find text using various search criteria - from simple text search to more advanced methods using dynamic values and regular expressions (regex).
  • Find out how many times a given text appears in file or text string.
  • Find out at which position the found match is located within the searched text string or file.
Usage examples:
  • Monitor data and files for specific text sequence for an automated response.
  • Use regular expressions to retrieve the list of matching text entities.

Find text

Action propertiesDetails
TextSpecify both the text to find and where to find it.
OptionsEnable case sensitivity, choose whether to use regex and specify the maximum number of matches.
ErrorsChoose error that lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorConfigure operations to be performed when Find text Action encounters an error, such as retrying the Action, sending email report, running another task and continuing with next Action or stopping the Task.
Additional notes and resources:
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