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SFTP Watcher

Automation Workshop includes SFTP Watcher that works with FTP servers using SFTP protocol on port 22. It also supports SCP file transfers, making it compatible with most Linux, Unix, and BSD systems. For FTPS and FTPES protocol, use the FTP Watcher Trigger.

SFTP Watcher monitors a remote directory on a server for file changes and it can launch a Task when a file or folder is created, modified, or deleted. The Trigger uses polling mechanism that can be tuned to high frequency polling, to achieve almost a real-time file monitoring performance of the remote location · See FTP automation highlights.

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Optionally, the SFTP Watcher Trigger can scan directories for files to reach certain limits in file size, or number of files. File mask filter allows monitoring for selected file types or files with specific names, such as Word documents or .pdf files. On most Linux compatible systems, it allows filtering files by their owner and group, as well as, by filesystem permissions.

Features & highlights

  • Watch when new files are created, or existing files are modified.
  • Exceptional performance even on an unreliable network.
  • Login using a username and password, or SSH Private keys.
  • Detects when the total number of files in a remote directory reaches or exceeds a specific number.
  • Watch files and folders for changes on a remote SFTP server.
  • Trigger when files get deleted or folders get removed.
  • Filter monitored files by Linux file owner or group, as well as by Linux filesystem permissions. Supports all versions of the SFTP protocol and SCP SSH connection type.
  • Monitor for files that are larger than defined size in bytes, KB, or MB.
  • Watch for file types, such as .docx, .pdf, .xls, or .jpg.

Usage examples

  • Watch an SFTP server in real-time for new files, and as soon as a file appears, download it, and process with powerful text processing Actions.
  • Monitor a directory on a remote SFTP server for deleted files, and send email alerts as soon as file removal is detected.
  • Periodically scan a Linux filesystem using SCP protocol, and as soon as log files exceed defined amount, download the file, compress it using built-in Zip, Tar, or Gzip method for archiving purposes.
  • Watch for new .pdf and .docx documents in a business partner SFTP server, and copy them to your Amazon S3 file storage in a fully automated manner. No programming knowledge necessary.


  • Directory · Watch a remote SFTP server for changes in files and directories.
  • Conditions · Choose what kind of changes to watch for, such as new files, new and existing files, deleted files, or modified files. Furthermore, the Trigger can watch for large files or the number of files in a directory.
  • Filter · Include or exclude files based on file owner, group, or certain permissions.
  • Options · Set how often SFTP Watcher will check files or folders in the remote server.



Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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