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Pick Item

Automation Workshop includes the Pick Item Action that allows you to select any item from a list—first, last, by index, or randomly. The resulting item is then available as a variable for use as a parameter in any following Action within the Task.

Features & highlights

  • Pick the first, last, or any item from a list, array, or any separated text string.
  • Pick n-th item from both sides of a list. Pick any element from the front or back of the list.
  • The Pick Item Action always returns an element and its index even when picking from the other end of the list, or when choosing items randomly.
  • Works with any structured lists that are separated by a comma, vertical bar, semicolon, or any custom single or multiple character separator.

Usage examples

  • Iterate a .csv file with the For Each Action and pick any column with the Pick Item Action, all done automatically without a user interaction.
  • Pick a row from a .csv file by its index, and then pick a cell from that row.
  • Select a file from the long list of files that is retrieved from other Actions, e.g., the List Files, Copy File, Download File, and other Actions.
  • Randomly select an item from a list. Pick a random name (winner) from a list of people.
  • Automate your workflows by separating tabular data, text files, and log files with the Split Text Action and Pick Item Action.
  • Use the For Each Action to parse a given text string (any list variable) and sequentially retrieve its elements one by one.


  • List · Provide a list to choose one item from.
  • Options · Select a list separator.



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