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Wait for Service

Automation Workshop includes the Wait for Service Action that pauses an automated workflow until a service (or Filesystem/Kernel driver) has reached the specified status.

Wait for Service can delay a workflow until a Windows service has transitioned to the installed, not installed, is running, is not running, is paused, is not paused, is stopped, is not stopped, or is disabled status.

Features & highlights

  • Waiting for a service status (running, installed, stopped) functionality enables you to automate deployments, data backuping, provisioning, and more.
  • Automated no-code workflows that effortlessly delays its execution until desired service state is reached.
  • Waiting for a service (or driver) to reach a specific status ensures that dependent applications or processes function correctly, as they may rely on the service being in a particular state.

Usage examples

  • A custom backup solution can wait for a database to reach the Stopped (or Paused) state to prevent any inconsistencies or data corruption during a live backup operation.
  • Wait for a service (or driver) to reach a specific state before performing coordinated software updates to prevent conflicts and ensure a smooth process.
  • Ensures that all crucial Windows services (including drivers) are started before running a workflow on system startup.


  • Wait · Select a service or driver and a waiting condition.
  • Options · Set up timeout behavior and other adjustments.



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