Overview of Zip archive information Action

Automation Workshop includes Zip archive information Action, that automatically retrieves general information on the specified Zip archive. The retrieved information is stored into dynamic values that can be retrieved by any following Action.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically retrieves archived file names, the number and list of zipped files.
  • Total compressed and uncompressed sizes of files, as well as the compression ratio is calculated.
  • Multi-volume Zip archive support.
Usage examples:
  • Email the most important details on Zip archive along with the archive itself to the specified address.
  • Retrieve the list of files in archive, and delete these files in particular folder.
  • Estimate and analyze data storage requirements based on file compression ratios.

Zip archive information

Action propertiesDetails
ArchiveSpecify the archive to retrieve information from Zip archive.
OptionsEnable or disable the Zip archive information Action.
ErrorsChoose which errors of the Zip archive information Action will lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorSet the number of retries performed upon Action error; specify report email From and To addresses, run a different Task, switch to another Action of the same Task or stop the Task entirely.
Additional notes and resources:
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Zip Archive Information
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