Execute script Action

Specify the script type from the list of available, namely, JScript, VBScript, PowerShell scripts and batch files. Write the script of appropriate type into the script field. All parameters that need to be passed to the script need to be inserted by using dynamic values of Variable Wizard. The parameters are injected directly into the code and from the script execution viewpoint will appear as static values. The output of the script (if any) is retrievable with the means of Variable Wizard from any subsequent Action within the same Task.

Script propertiesDetails
TypeSpecify the type of the script that will be executed:
  • JScript - Microsoft's scripting language similar to JavaScript.
  • VBScript - Visual Basic Scripting Edition by Microsoft modeled on Visual Basic.
  • PowerShell - scripting language built on-top of command-line shell integrated with .NET framework.
  • Batch file - a set of commands intended to be executed by cmd.exe command interpreter.
VersionSpecify which version of PowerShell will be used to execute the script.
  • Default - executes the script on the version of PowerShell which is default in the system.
  • 1.0 - forces the script to be executed on PowerShell 1.0 version.
  • 2.0 - forces the script to be executed on PowerShell 2.0 version.
ScriptProvide the script of specified type. Parameters and command-line arguments are specified directly in the script code by using dynamic Variable Wizard values.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard for advanced input, such as, take parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.
Execute script Action Script properties
  • View script examples for more detailed information on scripting in Automation Workshop.
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