Overview of Export registry Action

Automation Workshop includes Export registry Action, that can automatically export registry key to standard .reg file. Due to hierarchical structure of Windows registry, exporting a registry key implies retrieving all its subkeys and values as well, so effectively a whole branch or even a hive is exported. Registry export can be very useful to automatically deploy a particular configuration over number of identical machines or to backup important registry segments.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically export registry key with all subkeys and values.
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly registry backups.
  • Supports legacy registry formats used in older Windows verions.
Usage examples:
  • Deploy registry branches, or even hives, over a number of machines by applying exported registry files.
  • Track registry changes by comparing the differences in exported registry files.

Export registry

Action propertiesDetails
RegistrySpecify the registry key to be extracted with all its subkeys and values.
OptionsChoose registry format between compatible (legacy systems) and latest.
ErrorsChoose which errors of the Export registry Action will lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorSet the number of retries performed upon Action error; specify report email From and To addresses, run a different Task, switch to another Action of the same Task or stop the Task entirely.
Additional notes and resources:
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