Overview of Set registry value Action

Automation Workshop includes Set registry value Action, that can automatically create and modify registry values. In a wider context, this Action, along with other Automation Workshop registry Actions, serves as a fundamental tool for automating Windows registry manipulations. Supports modification of the following registry value types: DWORD, QWORD, Binary, String, Multi-String, Expandable String and none.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically create or modify registry value.
  • DWORD, QWORD, Binary, String, Multi-String and Expandable String value types supported.
  • Combined with other registry tools, automate Windows registry manipulations.
Usage examples:
  • Automatically modify or create a necessary entry in Windows registry.
  • Create registry values on-demand before launching applications and remove them afterward.
  • Schedule periodic registry changes to directly alternate system behavior in time-relative manner.

Set registry value

Action propertiesDetails
RegistrySpecify registry key and value name to sets the value data of indicated type.
OptionsEnable or disable the Set registry value Action.
ErrorsChoose which errors of the Set registry value Action will lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorSet the number of retries performed upon Action error; specify report email From and To addresses, run a different Task, switch to another Action of the same Task or stop the Task entirely.
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