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Task Scheduler

Automation Workshop includes an advanced Task Scheduler that at the same time is intuitive and easy to use. It executes jobs on specified dates and times based on configurable schedule that includes specifying fixed time interval, advanced recurrence patterns, configurable repetitions, exclusions, and schedule end date.

Features & highlights

  • Create simple and advanced schedules for launching Tasks regularly at specified intervals.
  • Combine multiple Scheduler Triggers to create complex non-linear schedules.
  • Schedule any script, program, or Action and have full control of Task execution using a full set of scheduling tools.
  • Advanced Task Scheduler enables easy setup for automatic Task execution.
  • Run recurring Tasks or Apps by scheduling from every second till once per month or more.
  • Organize unattended management of Tasks in a fully automated environment to streamline business processes.
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Usage examples

  • Launch advanced Scheduled Tasks on Windows under any user account, including the System Service account, or Administrator.
  • Perform automated backup Tasks (consisting of multiple sequential file and folder operations) on a daily basis.
  • Schedule mail job to run at specified date and time to automatically send email messages to one or multiple recipients.
  • Manage Task execution periods by enabling, disabling, or starting them on a pre-specified schedule.
  • Run external applications or command line scripts to supplement already solid Automation Workshop functionality with a virtually limitless set of features.


  • Scheduler · Schedule start date & time and recurrence options (scheduling pattern).
  • Exclude · Configure exclusion filter that will intelligently prevent the Task from execution, when it overlaps the selected schedule.
  • Advanced · Adjust the schedule end date & time, configure handling of Tasks that missed scheduled execution, and set up the Task repetition pattern.
  • Options · Set up an additional delay to postpone the Task execution.


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the Task Scheduler.
  • Schedule · Additionally, set a policy to allow or prevent Task to be executed at specific times.
  • Streamline automation processes by connecting Triggers and Actions using Variable Wizard.



Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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