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After its completion the Service Information Action returns variables for use in the next Actions in a workflow.

The variables can be retrieved by the means of Variable Wizard and used for automatic ad-hoc configuration—where the next Action input is taken from the previous Action output.

Executable Path and a name of the service or driver executable. For services, usually it is an .exe file, and for kernel or filesystem drivers it is a .sys file.
  • C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs -p
  • \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\wcifs.sys
Service name Short name of a service.
  • BITS
  • wcifs
Display name Long name of a service.
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service
  • Windows Container Isolation
Description A brief explanation of the specific functions of the Windows service.
  • Transfers files in the background using idle…
  • Provides a virtual filesystem view for processes running within…
Service status Current status of the service—Starting, Running, Stopping, Stopped, Pausing, Paused, Resuming, or Uninstalled.
Startup type The service boot configuration.
  • Automatic
  • Automatic delayed
  • Manual
  • Disabled
  • At boot
  • At OS init
Completion statusRetrieve Action execution status with a possible value—Successful or Failed. Or Empty, if Action has not been executed yet.
Adjust*Streamline creation of Task workflows even further—instantly make quick variable adjustments such as in-place replacement (all, first, or last occurrence), trimming (whitespaces, quotes, etc.), or changing capitalization. Optionally, set a different display name.

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