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Text to Speech

Automation Workshop includes the Text to Speech Action that automatically converts text into voice. Combined with dynamic variables a robot reader uses an advanced speech TTS engine to read text out loud.

Features & highlights

  • Speaks in 35+ languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Korean, and many European languages.
  • Can speak at different speeds (very slow or very fast) and volumes.
  • Dynamic variables can be combined with text to achieve fully automated workflows.
  • The TTS/TTV engine can read out loud in the background while performing other Actions.
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Usage examples

  • Can draw the attention of employees or give instructions to workers using fully automated workflow with automatic Triggers and events.
  • Use the Text to Speech Action before Actions that require user interaction.
  • Draw user attention upon some Action experiencing an error.
  • Use the Text to Speech when all other Actions within Task have successfully finished.
  • Can be combined with background music using the Play Audio File Action.
  • Use for automated testing of apps that use voice recognition.
  • Create workflows that are enriched with a human voice.


  • Voice · Choose a voice and provide text to be spoken out.
  • Options · Adjust voice rate and volume.



Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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