File & Folder Watcher

Automation Workshop includes File & Folder Watcher, that monitors for file and folder changes in specified location. Both local and network paths are supported. Equiped with file mask and attribute filter criteria, it gives user very precise control over what exactly is being monitored.

Features & highlights

  • Continuously monitor folders on a local Windows drives and network-accessible Windows, Linux, Novell or Samba shares, and track any file changes as soon as directory content is modified.
  • Watch file system for new, modified and deleted files or folders.
  • Watch local and network folders for created, changed and removed files, with wildcard include and exclude filters.
  • Local folder and network drive monitoring with UNC path names and full Unicode file name support.
  • Real time local and remote file system tracking for directory changes and additions whether user is logged in or not.
  • Background Directory Watcher monitors for files using Windows Service, that runs on workstations and servers in unattended mode.
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Usage examples

  • Automatically respond to changes in monitored folders by performing automated user-defined tasks and actions.
  • Send emails, start applications, run tasks of any complexity upon any changes.
  • Automate all your file-based tasks, e.g. copy files to new locations (using dynamic variables from monitored file names and extensions).
  • Save time and eliminate errors by automating repetitive computer tasks. Send reports, backup data, store watched files on scheduled basis.
  • File & Folder Watcher provides complete control over watched files—track, log, email and notify system administrators of any problems about monitored file system resources.


  • Folder · Specify whether to watch for files or folders, provide path of the folder contents of which will be monitored.
  • Conditions · Specify what kind of activity will be watched for (e.g. file and folder creation, deletion, modifications or renaming).
  • Exclude · Use file masks and attribute filter to specify what types of files or folders will be monitored.
  • Options · Configure additional options such as number of times Trigger must be activated to execute the Task, delay before executing the Task and also smart file operation detection for more accurate results.




Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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