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The Characters category in Variable Wizard features options to use 100+ special symbols and characters as input for Actions. Some of the symbols are provided for your convenience, while others are hard to enter by using a standard PC keyboard.

Many of the characters require that your files and email messages use Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16) encoding to display all the symbols correctly on any operating system (Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux).


  • Control · characters such as a new line, tab, bars, and pipes.
  • Formatting · all hyphens, typographical, and paragraph marks.
  • Text · Greek letters, superscript/subscript symbols, and copyrights/trademarks.
  • Numbers · math operations, fraction symbols, percents/per mille characters, and degrees.
  • Currencies · symbols of the most popular world currencies—both real and crypto currencies are conveniently accessible.

Text variables

  • All text variables · additionally access other text related variables. The special symbols, including the control characters, are particularly useful when used in the Automation Workshop Text Actions.

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