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Split Text

Automation Workshop includes the Split Text Action that allows splitting a text string into its elements. The Split Text Action supports popular separators such as comma, tab, space, semicolon, and line break. Alternatively, allows you to specify any single or multi-character value that will be recognized as a new separator.

The elements of text string are saved as a number of tokens that can be retrieved individually as Variable Wizard values. Access extracted tokens by their index or name, e.g., column header names in a CSV file.

Features & highlights

  • Split structured or unstructured data into its elements. Easy to use GUI, no coding required.
  • Parse CSV files by creating a structure of tokens that will capture each element.
  • After splitting, the text tokens can be used as parameters or parts of the user defined text in other Actions.
  • Split off the first few elements of the text string individually and return the rest of the string as a whole.
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Usage examples

  • Use the For Each Action to parse a .csv or .tsv file line by line, and for every line use the Split Text Action to retrieve the value of each cell.
  • Extract values from filenames, where the name contains encoded values, such as email address, item count, department ID, client name, etc.
  • Split a text string automatically and get each token value to use with subsequent Actions. An ideal replacement for the batch file built-in FOR command.


  • Text · Provide a text string to be split into elements (tokens). Define custom token names.
  • Options · Choose text processing options to trim whitespaces and to ignore multiple consecutive separators.




Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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