Extract partial text Action

Provide a text string and set a number of characters to extract from its beginning, middle or end.

Text propertiesDetails
Text stringProvide text string to extract the text from.
Extract fromChoose the position in text string at which to extract the text:
  • Beginning - extract text from the very beginning of text string.
  • Middle - extract text from a chosen position in the text string.
  • End - extract a number of characters from the end of the text string.
Number of charactersSpecify the number of characters to extract from the text string.
Starting positionSpecify the position in a text string from which the text will be extracted (e.g. 2 means - from the 2nd character of the text string).
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard for advanced input, such as, take parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.
Extract partial text Action Text properties
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