File / folder watcher Trigger

Overview of File / folder watcher. Specify which folder to monitor, and whether only specified folder should be monitored or also its subfolders. Local or network drive file monitoring supported.

Folder propertiesDescription
Folder to watchSpecify path of the folder which will be monitored.
Also, watch in subfoldersSpecifies that File / Folder Watcher will monitor for changes not only in specified folder, but also all its subfolders.
Monitor filesCauses File / Folder Watcher to monitor for file changes (e.g. creation, deletion, modifications or renaming).
Monitor foldersCauses File / Folder Watcher to monitor for folder changes (creation, deletion, renaming or content modifications).
BrowseBrowseUse Browse to specify particular file or folder on local disk, network share on LAN (local area network), etc.
File / folder watcher Folder properties
Additional notes:
  • Automation Workshop Service monitors specified files or folders in unattended mode which means that File / Folder Watcher trigger is operational regardless the user is logged on or not.
  • Monitored files can easily be used in further automated processes (such as copying, renaming, deleting, and processing by external command line or Windows software) by using values from File / Folder Watcher Trigger in Variable Wizard.
  • When monitoring files and folders in network resources, shares or performing any operations involving such files (copy, move, rename, etc.), use UNC path as parameter instead of mapped network drive path. Read more about UNC paths and mapped network drives.
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