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Run CMD Command

Automation Workshop includes the Run CMD Command Action that automatically executes specified commands on the Windows command prompt. This Action works the same way as if a user had opened cmd.exe command line interpreter and typed in any Command, or batch file name or program name.

Action supports various command starting and terminating options, as well as setting the Windows command prompt window position & size, and %errorlevel% thresholds.

Features & highlights

  • Runs CMD commands as well as batch files and Windows executables, thus efficiently extending the built-in capacities of Automation Workshop.
  • The command is executed with user credentials and access rights provided in the Task Properties, thus granting access to resources for the user, such as network shares and Registry branches.
  • Waits for the specified command to complete and streamlines its results into the automated data flow.
  • Full support of multiple user Desktops for the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) in multi-user environments.
YouTube video · Windows service automation

Usage examples

  • Launch CMD commands using the built-in advanced Task Scheduler or fire the task on multiple events using a built-in set of Triggers.
  • Automation Workshop not only serves as a command line script replacement, but can also integrate these scripts into its own operations whenever necessary.
  • Connect already existing batch scripts with a wider automation context. Custom scripts perform operations not provided by the Automation Workshop set of tools.
  • Schedule periodic executions of a Windows prompt command with the following automatic response to their outcome.


  • Command · Enter any CMD command, Windows executable, or batch file and the folder from which it is to be executed.
  • Options · Set execution and termination conditions.
  • Advanced · Define errorlevel thresholds, and set window size and position.


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