Zip archive information Action

Zip archive information Action, when performed, reads various information into Variable Wizard values. These dynamic values can be used by any following Action (instead of fixed values) to tailor its operations in response to actual situation.

Variable Wizard - Zip archive information Action

Variable Wizard can retrieve the following dynamic values from the Zip archive information Action:

Archive nameReturns the archive file name with full path.
List of zipped fileReturns the list of files contained in the archive.
Number of filesReturns the number of files the archive contains.
Compressed sizeReturns the size of all files in archive after compression.
Uncompressed sizeReturns the total size of all files in archive before compression.
Compression ratioReturns the ratio between the compressed size and the uncompressed size of files in percentage value with two decimal places. For example, if the total uncompressed size of all documents is 2000 KB, and the size of the same documents in archive is 500 KB, the returned compression ratio value is 25.00 (percent of the original file size).
Action completion statusReturns a value indicating whether the archive information retrieval was successful or failed.

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