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Overview of User Logon & Logoff. Specify users, the logon or logoff of which will be monitored for. A particular user, group of users or all users can be specified. Further on, choose whether the logon or logoff event of the selected users will trigger the Task execution.

Trigger when Select the users the logins or logouts of which will be monitored by User Logon & Logoff Trigger · See return values
  • any user · specifies that login or logoff of any user will activate the Trigger.
  • specified user · specify a single or multiple users that will active the Trigger. Multiple users are separated by pipe character.
Logs in The Task is triggered if one of the specified users logs into the system.
Logs off The Task is triggered if one of the specified users logs out off the system.


  • Dynamic variables & Events of the User Logon & Logoff. Fetch variables containing the username, domain name, and logon/logoff event for use in the workflow Actions. This Trigger does not log any events by itself, as the logon/logoff events are logged by the Automation Workshop Service.

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