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Connect to SFTP events

All Events of Connect to SFTP Action are sorted by their type, namely, information, warning and error messages. Provided event message in real automation situation might be complemented by additional information on its cause.

Connect to SFTP

Automation Workshop includes Connect to SFTP Action that allows to establish a connection between the local machine and a remote SFTP server to upload or download files, monitor for changes in remote files and directories or perform other Cloud Actions.

Info events

  • 320000 · Connected to SFTP server.
  • 320001 · Connecting to SFTP server.
  • 320002 · SFTP progress & status.

Warning events

  • 320200 · Cloud operation is taking longer than expected. Consider using SCP protocol instead of SFTP for increased performance.

Error events

  • 320400 · Could not connect to SFTP server.


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