Overview of If folder Action

Automation Workshop includes If Folder Action, that verifies whether a specified folder exists and if it is empty or not. Depending on the outcome of the verification procedure, the If Folder Action decides with which set of predefined Actions to continue the Task.

Features & highlights:
  • Checks for existence of specified folder on disk as well as if it is empty or not.
  • Runs a set of actions if folder exists and another one if it does not.
  • Allows creating Tasks that are effectively executed only if a certain folder exists or not.
Usage examples:
  • Schedule a Task to perform daily Action which verifies if a specific folder exists and is not empty. Write the list of files in folder to file.
  • Before proceeding with backup, check if folder-[date] exists (always current date). If it does not, create the folder.
  • Can be supplemented with the Else Action which runs when specified conditions are not met.

If folder

Action propertiesDetails
CompareVerify whether a folder exists or not.
OptionsEnable or disable the Action.
ErrorsChoose errors that initiate the On error procedures.
On ErrorChoose operations to be performed when Action experiences error.
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