File / Folder Watcher

When using File / Folder Watcher, sometimes it is very important to provide consequent Action with information what files / folders have been watched and in what location on disk (path).

Instead of providing fixed values when configuring File Actions, user can specify that these values are to be taken from File / Folder Watcher by using Variable Wizard when applicable.

Variable Wizard - File / Folder Watcher

Variable Wizard gathers data on monitored files / folders and allows using it as parameters in Actions.

PresetChoose one of the available presets that determines which parts of monitored file name will be returned:
  • Full path and filename - returns full data that allows to uniquely specify the monitored file.
  • Filename - returns only file name without its location on disk.
  • Absolute path - returns the full path in which file is located.
  • Relative path - returns the subfolder with or without name of the file located in it.
  • Watched folder - returns path of the folder that is being monitored.
  • Drive - returns the letter of the drive on which the file is monitored.
  • Custom - allows custom selection of full path and file name elements.
  • Old name - returns old file name. Applies only to rename operations.
ExampleShows a typical example of file / folder name formatted according to selected preset.

Assuming that File / Folder Watcher is set to monitor "C:\My Documents\" folder including its subfolders and then activated by "C:\My Documents\Images\My Picture.jpg" file, the returned variable values of each preset are listed below:

Full path and filenamePreview
Full path and filenameC:\My Documents\Images\My Picture.jpg

Filename preset returns filename without its location on disk. User can specify whether filename, extension, or both are returned.

FilenameMy Picture.jpg
FileMy Picture

Regardless of monitored folder and its subfolders, the absolute path preset returns full path of the folder containing monitored file. Drive letter and backslash are optional.

Absolute pathPreview
Absolute path\My Documents\Images
DriveC:\My Documents\Images
Ending backslash\My Documents\Images\

Relative path returns watched file and subfolder path that mediates monitored folder and watched file. The monitored folder and higher ones are not included. Optionally, only subfolder path without name of watched file can be returned.

Relative pathPreview
Relative pathImages
Ending backslashImages\
FileImages\My Picture.jpg

Watched folder preset returns the full path of folder monitored by File / Folder Watcher.

Watched folderPreview
Watched folderC:\My Documents
Ending backslashC:\My Documents\

Drive preset allows retrieving different versions of letter of the drive on which watched file is located. If file is located in UNC network path, empty driver variable value is returned.

Ending backslashC:\

Custom preset allows combining necessary components (and skipping the ones not needed) into custom variable value. Supplemented with 8.3 file name format, custom preset provides good means for variable integration into various Actions and external applications.

Path\My Documents\Images\
FileMy Picture

Note that on file systems that do not support 8.3 file names (e.g. exFAT) the long file name will be returned by Variable Wizard even if 8.3 file name value is requested.

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