For each Action

When parsing text data, the For each Action in every step returns the current item or line separated by specified delimiter and stores it as Variable Wizard dynamic values that can be automatically retrieved by other Actions.

Variable Wizard - For each Action

The Variable Wizard can retrieve the following values from the For each Action:

Previous itemReturns the item or line before the current one.
Current itemReturns the item or line retrieved in current step.
Current item indexReturns current item's position number within the sequence. Only processed lines and items are counted, while skipped elements are omitted from the index value.
Next itemReturns the item or line that will be retrieved in the next step.
Total itemsReturns the total number of items or lines within a text string.
SeparatorReturns the delimiter that separates items or lines.
Action completion statusReturns a value that indicates whether the For Each Action completed successfully or failed.

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