Task scheduler Trigger

Specify schedule start date and time and recurrence pattern. Recurrence options allows Task execution based both on fixed intervals (such as once a day or every third hour) and various advanced time patterns (such as on every third week on Mondays and Thursdays or last Friday of every second month).

Scheduler propertiesDescription
Start dateSpecifies the beginning date and time of the schedule.
ScheduleSpecifies whether the Task will be executed once, once in a fixed period of time (every second, minute, hour) or on advanced schedule (particular weekday of the week, date of the month, etc.).
Recur everySpecifies recurrence frequency. If the basis for scheduling tasks is set to weekly or monthly, Task will execute on all selected weekdays or dates.
Weekdays / MonthsDepending on schedule type (i.e., weekly or monthly) user can specify either particular weekdays or particular months on which to schedule Task. If months are specified, additional selection of dates of the month or weekdays of particular weeks is provided.
DaysWhen using monthly schedule, specifies on which dates of the month Task will be scheduled.
WeeksSpecifies the weeks of a month and particular weekdays for scheduling Task.
Next executionIndicates the date and time of the next scheduled Task execution. Point mouse cursor over to get more scheduled execution dates.
Task scheduler properties
Additional notes:
  • It is possible to create more advanced schedule (e.g. for executing Task on multiple particular dates) by using multiple Task Scheduler Triggers for a single Task.
  • If schedule start date is set to more than 10 years ago and during that time the Task has never been active, scheduled Tasks may not be considered as missed and, hence, rescheduled.
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