Set of automation instructions

Actions are set of instructions to be performed when Task is executed either manually or automatically. If the Task is designed to be executed manually, sometimes it suffices to specify an Action without Trigger. When the Task contains multiple Actions, they are performed sequentially.

Normally, the Action properties are first set upon configuring Task in Task Wizard actions properties.

Actions propertiesDescription
ActionsList all Actions associated with the Task.
Move upPuts Action higher in the list thus making it start before Actions listed below.
Shortcut: ALT + Up arrow
Move downPuts Action lower in the list.
Shortcut: ALT + Down arrow
Indent leftTakes Action out of its conditional scope.
Shortcut: ALT + Left arrow
Indent rightPuts Action into the conditional scope.
Shortcut: ALT + Right arrow
AddAdd new Action to the Task.
EditEdit parameters of existing Action.
RemoveRemove selected Action.
Expand / CollapseAllow more space for displaying sequence of Actions.
Shortcut: F11
Task actions properties
Additional notes:
  • If the workflow contains some problems such as wrong scope of Else Action, missing If Action or multiple identical labels, the problematic Action is highlighted.
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