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Actions are set of instructions to be performed when Task is executed either manually or automatically. If the Task is designed to be executed manually, sometimes it suffices to specify an Action without Trigger. When the Task contains multiple Actions, they are performed sequentially.

Actions List all Actions associated with the Task.
Add Add new Action to the Task.
Edit Edit parameters of existing Action.
Remove Remove selected Action.
Move up Puts Action higher in the list thus making it start before Actions listed below.
Move down Puts Action lower in the list.
Indent left Takes Action out of its conditional scope.
Indent right Puts Action into the conditional scope.
View mode Allow more space for displaying sequence of Actions.
  • Compact · minimal size.
  • Expand · expanded height.
  • Extend · extended width.
  • Max · maximized height.
Highlight Choose to enable or disable related Action highlighting. Select the highlighting color theme:
  • Auto highlight · enable highlighting for larger workflows.
  • Lightest
  • Lighter
  • Light

Pro tips…

  • To make human-readable workflows, use Custom display name feature.
  • Press F2 to instantly add or edit Actions (depending on current selection).
Task Actions · Use custom display name
Human-readable workflow

View modes…

Choose from 4 view modes—Compact, Expand, Extend, or Max. To quickly switch between view modes, use keyboard shortcut F11. The View mode settings are automatically applied upon opening the Task properties. The Task Wizard always opens in Compact view mode.

Task properties · Actions · Expanded view mode
Expanded view mode
Task properties · Actions · Extended view mode
Extended view mode

The Maximized view mode dynamically occupies the entire Desktop height (about 95%) and provides the biggest canvas for all your Actions. Effortlessly create huge workflows!

Task properties · Actions · Maximized view mode

Auto highlight…

The related Actions highlighting greatly helps in your automated Task creation process. It is very easy to instantly spot the connected Actions while debugging or simply reviewing workflows.

To make workflow changes or when doing maintenance for a Task, and the Task contains 5+ Actions, the auto-highlighting is automatically applied. Different shades are used to distinguish the Actions that use variables from other Actions, and vice versa.

The interconnection highlighting option applies to all workflows. There are two accent colors—Aquamarine emphasizes directly accessed Actions (is using their values), and Pearly highlights successive Actions that are accessing output of the selected Action.

Task properties · Actions · Auto highlighting
Auto highlighting options


  • If the workflow contains some problems such as wrong scope of Else Action, missing If Action or multiple identical labels, the problematic Action is highlighted (in pink).

Just ask…

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.