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Thomas UnderwoodBy Thomas Underwood 🕚 Updated on June 17, 2021 at 11:00 am

Suppose that once in a while, database reports are automatically exported to Adobe Acrobat .pdf in a folder C:\Reports\. The goal is to send an email with a .pdf file attached, and then to archive it in the C:\Reports\Archive\ folder.

YouTube video · Watch folder & automatically email files

The video demonstrates how to monitor a folder for new PDF files. When a new file appears in the watched folder, the Automation Workshop app sends it as an attachment in the body of the email.

PDF files are emailed in real time. There are no limits on how many tasks or emails you can send. Automation Workshop supports more than a hundred Actions, that can print, make a zip archive, and upload a PDF file automatically.


How to automatically email pdf documents? Follow these simple steps to auto send your PDF files to email as they appear in the monitored location. The automated tasks can be created and deployed in minutes, no programming knowledge is required.

PDF files in C:\Reports\ folder…

Follow these steps to create a Task. The Task will automatically send an email with an attached .pdf file. It is easy!

Configure File & Folder Watcher (*.pdf)…
  • Add Send Email Action and fill all necessary fields.
  • Use Variable Wizard for the Attachments field, and select the Full path and filename value from the File & Folder Watcher Trigger presets.
Configure Send Email Action & Variable Wizard…
  • Add the Move File Action.
  • In the source field, using Variable Wizard, select the Full path and filename value from the File & Folder Watcher Trigger.
  • Use the browse button to select C:\Reports\Archive\ as a Destination folder.
Configure Move File Action & Variable Wizard…

Your Task is ready! Place a PDF file in the C:\Reports\ folder, and Automation Workshop will launch the Task automatically. It will send PDF attachments to the email address specified in the template.

Get the Demo Task…


We have created an automated task to email PDF attachments, instead of relying on a mail client such as Outlook. Let's recap briefly on what the automated task does:

  • When any .pdf file is put into C:\Reports\ folder, File & Folder Watcher is automatically triggered.
  • It executes the Send Email Action that, in turn, attaches this .pdf file to email and sends it to predefined recipients.
  • After the attachment is sent, the Send Email Action is followed by the Move File Action which moves the monitored .pdf file from C:\Reports\ to C:\Reports\Archive\ folder.

And remember that you need to configure an SMTP server and its settings. Otherwise Automation Workshop will try to connect to the SMTP Service on the local server, that is a valid use case for Windows Servers.

Next steps…

Now, that you have created an advanced email application or robot, what's next? You can extend your automated task with the following:

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