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Detailed information on every feature of the program. The topics are split in ordered categories to facilitate getting necessary information.

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Comprehensive help on Tasks, Triggers and Actions - the most necessary tools for getting started with building your own automated Tasks.

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Tasks, Triggers and Actions…

Besides main help categories that include comprehensive information on program interface, Task creation and management, the cross-categorized information section facilitates Task configuration by providing details on various essential program features.

  • Variable Wizard - basics of creating Trigger-Action and Action-Action associations.
  • Task Wizard - step-by-step assistance in new Task creation.
  • Task properties - a detailed overview of Task structure elements.
Workshop & Service
Automatic backups
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Events occur when using Automation Workshop. These events are triggered both by graphical user interface and automatic Task execution. Help on events is separated in three major categories - errors, warnings and successful events.

Management and control options featuring Automation Workshop manager, Queue manager and Log manager. Operations manager provides general overview on automated processes and allow to access essential Automation Workshop features. Task finder allows to quickly locate and manage Tasks based on their Triggers, Actions, execution credentials or other features. These simple yet advanced tools play essential role in monitoring and managing automated processes.

Workshop Manager, Queue and Log…

Automation Workshop includes third-party open-source software. See Credits.

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