Reverse List

Automation Workshop includes the Reverse List Action that allows to inverse the contents of any given list. The new list contains the same elements but with the order of the elements reversed.

Features & highlights

  • Reverse any given list with a custom separator.
  • Access individual elements of a list in the reverse order.
  • The first item of a list becomes the last, and the second item becomes the second last.

Usage examples

  • Reverse a text or .csv file, append a new line, and reverse it again, so in other words you have just added a line in the front of the text file.
  • Reverse words in a text string or reverse a character order (if an empty separator is used).
  • To transpose or flip an order of file lists that are obtained from other Actions using Variable Wizard the Reverse List Action comes in handy.


  • List · Provide a list to be reversed.
  • Options · Set Action state and custom display name, define automated error workarounds, and enable option to log only critical errors.



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