Monitor user logon and logoff

Automation Workshop includes User logon / logoff Trigger, that executes Task when a specified user either logs into or out of Windows. Processing one type of operation (either log in or log off) per trigger supported. Trigger can monitor the system for logins or logoffs of a particular user, one of multiple users or any user, depending on its configuration.

Features & highlights:
  • Tracks / audits logons or logoffs of all or specified Windows users.
  • Can trigger user environment preprocessing or postprocessing upon login or logoff, respectively.
  • Automatically runs Task with current user credentials, if specified in Run As settings.
  • Separate handling of logons and logoffs.
Usage examples:
  • Automatically map network drives and set environment variables for logged in user.
  • Execute Tasks and run scripts or batch files upon user login.
  • Schedule software or Task execution immediately upon user login or after some delay.

User logon / logoff

Trigger propertiesDescription
UserSpecify the logons or logoffs of which users will trigger the Task.
OptionsEnable or disable the User Logon / Logoff Trigger and specify the delay between Trigger activation and Task execution.
Notes and resources:
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