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Automation Workshop provides a Trigger to monitor Google Cloud Storage in an unattended manner. It monitors for various file events, such as when a new file appears in a directory, or a file gets modified.

When such an event occurs, the Trigger provides a path and filename in various formats to the Task or workflow. These dynamic values or variables can be easily used in any Action or step in the Task.

Preset Choose the type of information to return on monitored file or directory:
  • Full path and filename · includes a full directory path and file name uniquely and fully referencing a file on the server.
  • Filename · returns only a file name without the directory name.
  • Absolute path · returns a full directory path in which the file is located.
  • Relative path · returns a partial or subfolder path (relative to the monitored directory) in which the file is located.
  • Watched directory · returns a full path of the monitored directory.
Example Shows what kind of information will be returned.
Adjust()Streamline creation of Task workflows even further—instantly make quick variable adjustments such as in-place replacement (all, first, or last occurrence), trimming (whitespaces, quotes, etc.), or changing capitalization. Optionally, set a different display name.


Assuming that Google Cloud Storage Watcher is set to monitor the following directory:
/photos-lib-23/upload-images …and then activated by
file, the returned variable values of each preset are listed below…

Full path and filename

Full path and filename /photos-lib-23/upload-images/done/img23052900.jpg


The Filename preset retrieves the file name without path.

Filename img23052900.jpg
File img23052900
Extension .jpg

Absolute path

Absolute path returns the full path of monitored folder.

Absolute path /photos-lib-23/upload-images/done
Trailing slash /photos-lib-23/upload-images/done/

Relative path

Relative path returns the path of a folder relative to the monitored folder.

Relative path done
File done/img23052900.jpg

Watched directory

Watched directory returns the full path of directory monitored by Google Cloud Storage Watcher.

Watched directory /photos-lib-23/upload-images
Trailing slash /photos-lib-23/upload-images/

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