System startup / shutdown Trigger

Overview of System startup / shutdown Trigger. Specify the start or shutdown, that will activate the Trigger. Supported processes are Microsoft Windows, Automation Workshop manager and Automation Workshop service. The Trigger supports either start or shutdown of one of these processes at a time.

System propertiesDescription
Trigger onSpecify the process upon the startup or shutdown of which the Trigger will be activated.
  • Windows - Trigger is activated by start or shutdown of Microsoft Windows.
  • Automation Workshop Service - Trigger is activated when starting or stopping Automation Workshop service.
  • Automation Workshop Manager - Trigger is activated when opening Automation Workshop manager.
Start / OpenTrigger will be activated upon starting the selected process.
Shutdown / Stop / CloseTrigger will be activated upon stopping / closing the selected process.
System startup / shutdown System properties
Additional note:
  • Tasks designed to be executed on system shutdown by the System Startup / Shutdown Trigger have to be run using either current user or SYSTEM user credentials (specified in the Run As tab of Task properties). The attempt to run the Task from user account that is not logged on when system shutdown is initiated, will be blocked by Windows and lead to Event ID 2502: Failed to start Task on behalf of specified user.
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