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Wait for File

Automation Workshop includes the Wait for File Action that pauses the automated Task until a specified file is created, deleted, becomes accessible, or inaccessible.

A no-code tool to create automated workflows that manipulates files on a local machine or on remote servers using FTP or Cloud protocols. Watch a folder for new files, and then wait for a specific file to become readable. More than 100 no-code Actions are available to automate even the most complex tasks.

Features & highlights

  • Create file-based workflows that proceed step by step only when certain files are available.
  • It supports wildcards and intelligently waits until a file matching the specific file mask exists in a folder, ensuring the folder contains at least one file from the set before proceeding with the subsequent Actions.
  • Force waiting to avoid Task errors that can arise if the necessary file is not fully written to local drive or network share.
  • Pause the Task and wait until a file has been successfully processed and has become accessible.
  • Flexible workaround options that allow you to adapt a workflow to unexpected circumstances when the wait operation is not satisfied while workflow needs to continue regardless.
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Usage examples

  • Wait for any file matching the pattern (e.g., C:\Reports\report_*.csv) to appear in the folder. Once a matching file is detected, automatically process the report by executing next Actions in the workflow.
  • An external app creates a large file (such as a DB export). When that file is being created, it may be necessary to wait for the file before it can be used in subsequent Actions, such as Copy File, Upload File, or Attach File to Email.
  • A Task can proceed only when two files are available (e.g., data and checksum). Use a sequence of two Wait for File Actions to pause your workflow before the files become available.
  • Wait for a file to disappear (to ensure that file is successfully moved, renamed, or uploaded) before continuing with subsequent automated steps.


  • Wait · Provide the file and criteria to pause the Task.
  • Options · Choose file detection priority.


  • Wait for File integration—Variables (manipulate data dynamically within a workflow) and Events (recorded entries that detail the activity within the system).
  • Effortlessly streamline your automation processes by visually connecting your workflow using Variable Wizard—a powerful tool to access all 1,000+ variables—system, network, Triggers, Actions, globals, web, and much more…
  • Moreover, not only utilize Wait for File variables, but also seamlessly integrate them with a diverse array of other file and folder variables from local disks, mapped drives, network shares, and remote servers—FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and more…

Quick access

To streamline your workflow creation, you can locate the Wait for File Action throughout the entire Automation suite's search tools—including the knowledge base, menu, and Add Action feature—using quick shortcuts like «WFF» or «WF».

Delay options…

Automation Workshop includes options to pause a workflow and conditionally wait for different resource types. These waiting Actions operate similarly—they pause the workflow until a particular resource reaches a desired state, such as when a file appears or disappears.


Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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