Overview of Move file Action

Automation Workshop includes Move file Action, that performs automatic moving of files from source folder to specified destination folder. Specify files to be moved by providing settings such as file masks, file dates, times and attributes as well as dynamic values provided by Trigger or other Action. Moving of subfolders are supported.

Features & highlights:
  • Automatically move files from one folder to another without scripts.
  • Replicates source subfolder structure in a target folder, every day, hour or minute.
  • Options to overwrite destination files automatically.
  • Move files only when their name, type, attributes or date matches the specification.
Usage examples:
  • Automatically move files to another folder when they reach a certain age.
  • Move files automatically to another location after they have been emailed, printed, etc.

Move file

Action propertiesDetails
FileUse file name or mask to specify moving source and destination.
OptionsSelect whether to include subfolders when moving files and configure file overwrite options.
FilterUse file name, mask or time / date to specify files excludable from moving.
AttributesSpecify attribute pattern to include files with matching attributes and exclude all others.
ErrorsChoose errors that lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorConfigure operations to be performed when Move file Action encounters an error. Available operations include retrying the Action, sending email report, running another task and continuing with next Action or stopping the Task.
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