Overview of For each Action

Automation Workshop includes For each Action that allows to parse a text file or text string and retrieve its elements one by one. These elements can be both lines (separated by line break character) or other items separated by delimiters such as comma, semicolon, pipe, tab or any other custom character. Retrieved lines or items can be individually used as parameters or conditions for other Actions in the loop. The Action can ignore empty items or items that start with specified character.

Features & highlights:
  • Parse text string or text file and process each element separately.
  • Retrieve data from text file line by line.
  • Parse any other data string and specify any list separator.
  • Skip a number of first few lines or lines that begin with particular character or comment prefix.

For each

Action propertiesDetails
LoopSpecify the text data to be parsed..
OptionsChoose elements to skip or ignore while parsing text data.
ErrorsChoose errors that will lead to On Error behavior.
On ErrorConfigure operations to be performed when For each Action encounters an error.
Additional notes and resources:
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