Overview of Else Action

Automation Workshop includes Else Action, that is used in conjunction with either one of the If, If file or If folder Actions. Else Action introduces the branch of Actions that is executed when the conditions specified by associated If Action are not met.

Features & highlights:
  • Used in pair with If, If file and If folder Actions to introduce the branch of Actions that is performed when the conditions are not met.
  • Run a set of Actions if condition is true and another set of Actions if it is false.
  • Specify what actions to run if the conditions are not met.
Usage examples:
  • Verify whether a file with specific name pattern exists. If it does, then print it. Else show user a custom message.
  • List files before sending email. If the number of uncompressed files in folder is low, skip compression process. Else compress files. Delete the list of uncompressed originals. Send email with compressed archive files as attachments.
  • Perform different sets of Actions when the conditions are true and when they are not.


Action propertiesDetails
ElseIntroduces branch of workflow that is executed when conditions are not met.
OptionsEnable or disable the Else branch.
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