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Download file

Automation Workshop includes Download file Action that can download one or multiple files from a remote server to the local machine.

Features & highlights

  • Can be used together with any remote server watcher trigger to download the file automatically as it appears on the remote server.
  • Report overall download speed and progress in realtime.
  • Download one or multiple files from a remote server.
  • Download folder contents including subfolders and files.
  • Supports limiting maximum download speed.
  • Keep original file time and date or change to current during download.
  • Supports file and directory downloading from remote FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 and WebDAV servers.

Usage examples

  • Monitor remote FTP server for new files, and download a document file from the remote FTP server automatically, as soon as the new file is created on the server. Then, send the file as email attachment or simply print it. All automatically, no code is required!
  • Can be used with Task Scheduler to download the files or directories regularly—on hourly, daily, weekly or custom schedule basis.
  • Launch Scheduled Task daily to download files from a remote server and store them into local storage server using Active Directory user's credentials, and inform users via email, that new files have arrived.
  • Download server log files automatically from multiple remote servers using Loop Actions such as For each, and later archive them using Zip files Action.


  • Download · choose files to download from remote server.
  • Options · limit transfer speed, choose transfer mode, preserve file date and time.




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