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Lookup Text

Automation Workshop includes the Lookup Text Action that searches for a value in a table key column, and retrieves a cross-reference value from another column. In other words—it looks up for key/value pairs from a grid (or freeform table extended with dynamic variables).

The Lookup Text Action maps a text or numeric key to a value. It uses a two column table as input, and it can perform an exact or enhanced text matching.

Features & highlights

  • Key/value lookup feature greatly improves workflow clarity and reduces otherwise unnecessary Task complexity that would otherwise require a lot of repetitive If–Else Actions.
  • Supports advanced freeform data input—with added dynamic variables, entirely from file content, with auto-detected table column separators, etc.
  • It is far more powerful than the regular switch function—it can perform the exact, starts with, ends with, and contains text matching.

Usage examples

  • Look up a company email address based on ID, name, or other details.
  • Translate your business specific codes to their corresponding translations.
  • Make quick data adjustments for your database exports without touching SQL or database.
  • Match source and destination filenames in a file list, with a value that is returned by File Actions or FTP & Cloud Actions.
  • Use as a switch logic replacement to branch a workflow using Label and the Go To Action.
  • Translate any value—for example, month number (1–12) to their names (Jan–Dec), or time to any custom text, such as morning, noon, evening, night, etc.
  • Deploy files in different named folders based on their names (partial match, prefix, suffix, etc.) or contents.
  • Prettify your automated enterprise emails by translating your business specific IDs to human readable translations.


  • Text · Provide input text that needs to be translated or looked up, and a grid or table where to look for the translation.
  • Options · Select the matching type (exact or partial), and the default behavior in case the key is not found.



Automation Workshop includes many more awesome Triggers and numerous Actions to aid you to automate any repetitive computer or business task by providing state-of-the-art GUI tools.

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