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Tweak Service Action allows changing the startup type of a Windows service, Kernel driver, and File system driver.

ServiceSelect a service to adjust. Choose it from the list, or type a service name, or use a variable. Kernel and filesystem drivers are also supported:
  • Simple · a list of all installed services, including kernel and filesystem drivers. The list is split into 4 parts and sorted by service display name in the alphabetic order: normal services, "hexadecimal" services, kernel drivers, and file system drivers.
  • Dynamic · provide a service name or display name (usually from a file or dynamic variable).
Service infoShows the current status of a service, for example:
  • The service "MSSQLSERVER" is currently running.
  • The "Cryptographic Service" is currently stopped.

The tooltip displays extended service information in real-time.
Startup type Choose a new startup type value or disable the auto-start of a service:
  • Change to Manual · a service must be started manually.
  • Change to Automatic · a service will start during the Windows boot process.
  • Change to Automatic Delayed · a service will be started about 120 seconds after the last auto-start service has been launched.
  • Change to Disabled · a service can not be started manually or automatically (this does not stop the service if it is currently running).
  • Do not change · the previous startup type remains intact.
Variable WizardVariable Wizard buttonUse dynamic data input—substitute a parameter from a file, web, connected Trigger, other Actions, date and time presets, etc.

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