List files Action

Specify folder the contents of which will be listed. List file Action looks for files and folders that match the inclusion criteria and stores the list into dynamic value (variable). The Action itself does not perform any operations with files or folders; however, the stored list can be used by other Actions in parameter fields that support Variable Wizard.

Files propertiesDetails
FolderChoose the folder which contents is to be stored in the list.
Include maskOnly files / folders matching the specified file mask will be listed. Multiple inclusion masks have to be separated by | (vertical bar / pipe) character. Read more about specifying file masks and wildcards.
BrowseBrowseUse Browse to specify particular file or folder on local disk, network share on LAN (local area network), etc.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard for advanced input, such as, take parameter from file, associated Trigger or other Action, etc.
List files Action Files properties
Additional notes:
  • Automation Workshop supports Unicode file names, and path up to 32,000 characters.
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